In any game of Renegade, players are divided into two teams - GDI and Nod. When you join a server, you will be placed on the team with fewer players. If both teams have the same number of players, you will be placed on the team with the lower overall score. Team Changing is not allowed in a laddered server.

Each team has a pre-built base consisting of several structures. Broadly speaking, the aim of the game is destroying your enemy's base while preventing the enemy destroying yours. Destroying individual structures also affects your enemy in various ways, which are explained in the Structures section of this page. For example, destroying GDI's Weapons Factory renders the GDI team unable to purchase any more vehicles.

A destroyed structure cannot be rebuilt. However, a damaged structure can be repaired.

Each player spawns in a random structure in his base upon joining the server and after being killed. Every major structure contains one or more Purchase Terminals, which are used to purchase vehicles, upgrade your character to advanced infantry, and more. These will be explained later in the guide.


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