The KOSs2 Mission Statement and Core Values is to:

'Bring 'Gamers' from all over the world together in a friendly, multi-cultural helpful community.'

Employing the following underpinning Core Values:

- Respect towards each other in all circumstances.
- Friendship first, gaming second.
- To be helpful to all wherever possible.
- To exercise high levels of teamplay and teambuilding.
- To improve gaming skills as an individual and a clan.

As with every Mission Statement, the KOSs2's one is philosophical in its truest sense, and as a consequence, is difficult to implement and monitor/enforce. However, we believe it is pertinent that it is to highlight it by adding it to the forum. All organizations have an underlying target or aim otherwise it wouldn't be able to sustain its existence or grow/evolve. Our Mission Statement needs to be kept in mind in everything we try to achieve and in every action by The KOSs2 membership.

The KOSs2 actually is an abstract 'thing' - it takes substance by the inclusion of its members......... without members following the above Values, there would be no TheKOSs2.

Our main motto "There's no place like home" embodies the output of the Mission Statement and the upholding and employment of the Core Values.

We also fully embrace the democratic ethos, with all its advantages and disadvantages, through the Management structure we have constructed - this is subject to the necessary requirements to change and evolve as situations and circumstances dictate.

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